Penn State employees fight back against wellness

Seems Penn State employees are fed up with Penn State and its wellness vendor asking for private and personal health information. A Penn State professor sent an open letter of protest  to colleagues and administration.

He writes, “While university administrators may be implementing this program with the best of intentions, coercing Penn State employees to undergo medical testing and requiring that they disclose personal medical information to a third-party online database is ethically indefensible. University employees should respond accordingly.” [Emphasis mine. TE] Click here to read the full letter.

Is such a requirement ethically indefensible? That is a particularly good question today when  true privacy in cyber-space is more and more in doubt.

A health reporter called me last Friday and we discussed this protest. She told me that she has been wondering for years why employees don’t rebel against such intrusions of privacy…a good question. One reason, I suggested, is that many people don’t tell the truth on health risk assessments anyway.


Tom Emerick

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