Scientists: extreme loneliness worse for health than obesity

It is time for wellness true believers to grow up. Read on.

According to a study in the UK and reported in The Independent, serious loneliness has a higher risk of mortal hazard than obesity. Click here to read the full story.

If you’ve followed the Blue Zone studies, and some similar ones, this is not a surprise.

Unhappiness in general and loneliness in particular can lead to a sickly life and early demise.

The question is, why do so many wellness models want to medicalize everything? Perhaps because it is easy. Perhaps HR folks have a bias toward medical care as a panacea. Who knows?

Many wellness true believers want to make you pay more if you are overweight, but ignore huge risks such as scuba diving, motor cycling, driving recklessly, etc. Why is that? Again, I guess there is a bias in HR departments to medicalize our lives.

Trying to medicalize your employees lives is futile, risky, and expensive.


Tom Emerick

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Tom Emerick is the President of Emerick Consulting and co-founder of Edison Health. In December 2012, Tom was listed in as one of 13 unsung heroes changing healthcare forever. In 2009, Tom was named by Healthspottr as one of the top 100 innovators in healthcare in the US for his work on medical ethics. Prior to consulting, Tom spent a number of years working for large corporations: Walmart Stores, Burger King, and British Petroleum.


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