Medtronic Makes Surprise Turn on Blood-Pressure Device

That is the headline in a WSJ story by Joseph Walker today. Here is a link but a subscription is required.

Trials for a new Medtronic blood pressure device failed…repeat, the trial failed and showed no improvement in reduction in blood pressure compared to a “sugar pill”. You’d think Medtronic would go back to the drawing board, but no. Writes Walker, Medtronic Inc….undeterred by a surprising and definitive clinical-trial failure, said it will continue to develop its medical device for high blood pressure in hopes of winning U.S. regulatory approval.”  

Something is very wrong with the FDA if Medtronic thinks it can get approval for an utterly failed device…but what’s new? It’s happened before.

If Medtronic succeeds in getting approval for this, expect to spend a lot of money on  expensive new devices that work no better than a placebo.


Tom Emerick

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  1. Al Lewis says:

    And, Tom, this surprises you because…

    Remember, Medtronic just made a large commitment to the monitoring industry with the purchase of Cardiocom. Since Cardiocom’s market is limited and I don’t think Medtronic understands it anyway, in order to avoid a nine-figure goodwill writedown of Cardiocom, they have to keep throwing good money after bad.

    You can find the story at

  2. Tom Emerick says:

    Great point Al.


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