Employers’ Declaration of Independence From Traditional Health Insurance by Dave Chase

Forbes carried a good article by Dave Chase, a leader in trying to reform healthcare in the right way. Writes Chase, “Employer frustration over the devastating collateral damage from a severely under-performing healthcare system is boiling over.” Click here to read the full article.

High health costs are driving US jobs to Mexico and other countries. GE and scores of other companies are exporting high value jobs. Some are even moving jobs to areas in the US where healthcare costs are less exorbitant. IBM is a good example of the latter. Yet Dave and others have demonstrated that rising health care costs can be controlled, and controlled in an employee-friendly way. What an irony.

Dave has created a Declaration of Independence From Traditional Health Insurance. The article lists a number of thought leaders, consultants, and employer leaders who have signed that declaration, the goal of which is to create a sustainable healthcare equation in America.  Signers include Al Lewis, Jim Millaway, Rajaie Batniji, Brian Klepper, Stan Schwartz, your humble author and others who have implemented effective health programs.

Of me he wrote, “Emerick’s Edison Health has made available the Centers of Excellence program for complex and expensive medical procedures to any self-insured company.” I’m flattered to be on Dave’s list.


Tom Emerick

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