The final post…probably

Dear Loyalty Readers of Cracking Health Costs,

You haven’t heard much from me lately and I owe you an explanation. In all likelihood this will be my last post on this blog. I am not retiring in any sense but just plan to spend more time on execution and less on generating information.

The main reason I started this blog and the reason I wrote my books was that I had messages to deliver. The messages were that companies should focus on the outliers, the 6% of enrollees who spend 80% of plan dollars; company sponsored wellness, while popular, is largely ineffective; and there are extreme differences between providers of secondary and tertiary care in America, differences that can be leveraged to the advantage of health plan enrollees and plan costs.

More and more people have accepted these notions. Thus my purpose for writing has become more or less fulfilled. I’ve written nearly 700 articles, a few of which, thanks to other sites that reposted my articles, had hundreds of thousands of views globally. Writing those articles was satisfying but hard work.

I enjoyed getting comments from readers, some from as far away as New Zealand and Germany. This blog helped me cross paths with numbers of terrific and dedicated people. I will truly miss that.

Al Lewis and I wrote a book named after this blog, Cracking Health Costs, which become an Amazon trade best seller. If you bought the book, many thanks.

There’s extremely wide variation in how healthcare is delivered in America. There is perhaps even more variation in how dental care is delivered. I have cofounded a company called Bold Dental. We are in the process of building a chain of very high-quality and highly ethical dental clinics in the US. I really truly enjoy this kind of work.

I turn age 70 this year and a been dealing with healthcare for 42 years. My future endeavors promise to be enjoyable and some will be outside of the realm of healthcare.

We live on a 100 acre hilltop on the Ozark Plateau that adjoins a huge national forest. One of my hobbies is off-trail hiking. It is truly amazing what you find if you get off the trails and explore, or to paraphrase Robert Frost, take the path less travelled.

Thank you for reading my articles.


Tom Emerick


  1. Ted Ryan says:

    Thank you for helping to open up my eyes, my heart and my brain!
    You leave all of us with many gifts by having shared a wealth of experience and the simple facts!
    You have also given us the keys to helping to provide better access, more affordable care and effect real change for all stakeholders!
    Thank you!

  2. Leah Binder says:

    You have made an enormous difference in American health care–and personally, changed my own thinking about the future. Do not stray far, we still need you. But Mazel Tov: enjoy your beautiful 100 acres and your family.

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